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Ultimate Pounce Chalk Powder Pad (w 2oz. Bag of Chalk)

Ultimate Pounce Chalk Powder Pad (w 2oz. Bag of Chalk)

Made in USA, Chalk

Quilt Pounce Stencil Marking Pads - Sew, then remove the marked lines w/ a heated iron.
Great for dark fabrics
It says "pounce" but you just glide the chalk on and get on to quilting!

Ultimate Quilt Pounce Pad Ultimate Iron Off
lets you "pounce" on the powder, then iron it off!
This powder stays put, no more bouncing.
Comes with a hard plastic case for storage of the pad.
Includes a 2 oz bag of powder.

Transfer Chalk Pad Ultimate White Hancy Mfg
is the ultimate marking tool. Easy to use, a super time saver, extremely accurate,
safe for all fabrics (although you should always test fabrics) and can be used for machine or hand quilting.

Refills sold separately

  • Transfer any sized stencil to any type of fabric for machine or hand embroidery
  • Accurate and safe for all fabrics
  • Easy to use
  • Includes 60ml of non-toxic powder
  • Pad measures approximately 7.6cm x 10cm

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