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"Embroidered Pansies" by Diana Lampe (Hardcover)

"Embroidered Pansies" by Diana Lampe

Instructions for more than 100 exquisite embroidered versions of this much-loved and appealing flower.

About the Author:

Diana Lampe is the author of "Diana Lampe's Embroidery from the Garden," "Embroidery for All Seasons," and "Little Book of Embroidered Garden Flowers."


Dec 09 Most people love pansies, the only flower that looks as if it has a face! Here is a whole book of embroidery patterns for them and ideas as to their use as decorations by somebody who loves and knows them very well indeed. There are an awesome number of pansies in here, illustrated in thumbnails on four pages and then in detail as the stitching of each one is explained. I particularly like the way the author gives some in depth instructions as to how to embroider them as well as can possibly be done. These include knowing which end of the cut thread to pass through your needle, how to draw and transfer a pansy, needle threading tips and of course stitching. This all comes with some useful diagrams both drawn and photographed, along with stitch diagrams at the back of the book. The bulk of the book is taken up with the pansies, and they really do come in every color imaginable. When you have tried out a few and got into your stride, there are ideas as to what to put them on and some projects. These do not come with instructions but there are some patterns for them so you too could be the proud owner of an evening bag, cushion, brooch and spectacle case. There is even a short section on crochet complete with some rather good diagrams on how to do the stitches and instructions for tea and coffee pot cosies, a corsage and basic patterns for pansy heads and leaves. Very useful for us international stitchers (this is an Australian book) is the thread conversion chart at the back so if you cannot buy Finca, Soie d'Alger or Appleton's Wools you can at least get hold of good old DMC floss. A lovely, inspiring book. * *

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