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Insul-Brite Heat Resistant Insulated Batting for Hot & Cold Insulation 45" Wide (sold by the yard)

Insul-Bright Insulated Batting

Insul-Bright Insulated Batting is a sewing notion that should be in every sewing room!

  1. Can be used for insulating COLD foods and well as HOT foods.
  2. If using to make potholders, Insul Bright Insulated Batting is Heat Resistant NOT Heat Proof. If your pan is above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, use two potholders.
  3. This particular Insulated Batting is NOT  to be used in the microwave! There is another type of batting that is special for microwave use, keep reading to find out more information.*
  4. May be a bit stiff and have a crinkly feel or sound a little noisy but WILL soften with washing and use. 
  5. Pre-wash is not necessary because it will not shrink.
  6. Made in the USA by The Warm Company

More facts about Insul-Bright

Insul-Bright Fiber content  93.75% polyester and 6.25% metalized polyester

Insul Bright is a polyester batting with mylar woven into the batting. Polyester fibers are needle punched thru the reflective metabolized polyester film.

Mylar helps to reflect hot and cold keeping things hotter or cooler for longer.      

Insul Bright Insulated Batting. Detailed side view picture of Insulated-Bright taken by Amy's Sewing Studio. Click this PIN to READ MORE.....
Side View of Insul Bright

Benefits of Insul-Bright

  • Will not separate or bunch
  • Contains no resins or glues
  • Will not shift,migrate or beard
  • Breathable and won’t break down during washing
Insul Bright Insulated Batting. Picture of both sides of Insulated-Bright taken by Amy's Sewing Studio. Click this PIN to READ MORE....
View of both sides of Insul Bright

 Other Thoughts about Insulated Batting in general

Insul Bright is a brand name from The Warm Company.

There are other companies that make their own brand of Insulated Batting.

Some insulated batting has mylar woven into the batting, while some batting has the mylar on one side which is clearly visible.

Other project ideas with Insulated Batting:

  • Quilted Pot Holders
  • Quilted Casserole Carriers
  • Shopping Bags for freezer foods
  • Ironing Board Pad
  • Water Bottle Carriers and Coffee Cup Sleeves
  • Lunch Bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Insul-Bright be used in the microwave? NO because of metalized fiber. (Pellon makes a cotton quilt batting for the microwave called Wrap-n-Zap.)

What temperature will this product withstand? Potholders made with this product can go up to 400 degrees.  If your oven temperature is warmer, just use a couple of potholders to be on the safe side.

Is there a right side or a wrong side? If you are using the woven batting there is NO right or wrong side.  If you are using an insulated batting with a clear visible metalized side called Therma-Flec, that would be the side you use to pick up your hot or cold items with, and you can cover the other side of batting with cotton fabric.


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