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Over the years Bettie has had the opportunity to work at multiple quilt shops. About five years ago FAS was happy when she moved to our area. Bettie’s mom was a professional seamstress inspiring her creative side and sewing abilities. Bettie’s very first solo project was a pleated skirt. She has always been interested in anything to do with sewing garments and home decor, quilting, and embroidery both by hand and machine. She also enjoys creating painted floor cloths and other canvases. Bettie has been using a computerized sewing and embroidery machine and serger for years to make all kinds of projects and samples. She also loves to embellish her artwork with beautiful hand and bead work. Bettie has taught many classes including quilted purses and jackets, and is currently teaching classes on how to make all those incredible Kimekomi balls you see hanging in the store. Bettie loves fabric, and is always willing to help find you the perfect piece to use in your projects

4136 West US Highway 90 Lake City, FL 32055 (877) 755-0179

1/2 mile west of I-75 at exit 427 and look for Swanson Plaza with the buildings painted White and Purple with Lime doors in front and the large purple building just to the rear. Follow the signs to the right of the building to find the parking in the middle.

We are open 7 days a week: 10am-6pm, (Sun 1pm-5pm)